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1. Vlocity


At first, we will take a closer look at Vlocity and how a company can benefit from it. Vlocity is a cloud application that is used on top of the Salesforce platform. As a Forbes Cloud 100 company and strategic Salesforce ISV, Vlocity delivers specific software solutions per industry. These industry-specific cloud and mobile solutions integrate digital, omni-channel processes for customer-focused industries.

These include:

  • Communications & Media
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Insurance & Financial Services
  • Health Insurance
  • Public Sector

Vlocity’s founders and executive team experience includes Siebel Systems, Salesforce, Veeva Systems and Guidewire and combines enterprise CRM, SaaS and deep industry domain expertise. Vlocity is one of Salesforce’s fastest growing partners out of over 3,700 companies. Vlocity Industry Cloud Apps are 100% native and 100% additive to the Salesforce platform. Vlocity Industry Cloud Apps embed industry-specific functionality, best practices and business processes out of- the-box. Vlocity has focused on delivering the most complete, industry-specific solutions to the largest and most customer service-challenged industries in the world today. Vlocity Industry Cloud apps enables these companies to deliver an omnichannel experience, achieve greater sales and service agility, and capture maximum time-to-value from the cloud.

2. Why Vlocity?

There are numerous companies that have specific niche business processes. Normally they have to make huge investments in Salesforce, but thanks to Vlocity this is not the case. For example, they can buy licenses from Vlocity and do not have to provide the modifications for their own processes themselves. So this is a double win for companies. On the one hand, resources are saved because you don’t have to modify everything in Salesforce yourself. On the other hand, it also saves a lot of time, because you can start immediately with the package. Go-2-market is a faster process, so as a company, you can immediately offer the omni-channel-experience to your customers.

3. What does TCL offer in Vlocity?

As a consulting partner, The Customer Link has expertise in the targeted verticals of Vlocity. As a partner, we are also looking for a practice based on the Vlocity offering that we can recommend, implement and deploy for our customers. We put our customers first. Vlocity carefully selects their consulting partners. This is based on their proven market leadership, their ability to provide strategic consulting or implementation services and their proven track record of successfully meeting customer requirements.

TCL can provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Projectmanagement
  • Configuration & Implementation
  • System integration
  • Training & support

As a consulting partner we experience a lot of advantages. For example, we gain access to technical services and programs that enable us to expand our practical experience. Of course, it is imperative that partners already have existing SFDC practices and a wide range of trained, certified and experienced Salesforce resources at their disposal. This is certainly already in place at The Customer Link.

4. Vlocity & Salesforce?

Since 2020, Salesforce has decided to buy back Vlocity through an acquisition and it now belongs again to Salesforce. Before this, Vlocity, which originated from Salesforce, was always a stand-alone company. Salesforce & Vlocity are used by many organizations together. Salesforce is the basis as a CRM solution, on top of which Vlocity provides specific business processes tailored to the organization. Salesforce and Vlocity are 1 System, where Vlocity is a managed package, built on Salesforce.

5. Case: energy-player Belgium

Engie, a major energy player in Belgium, is one of our customers. They use Vlocity on top of their Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud & Marketing Cloud solution. Engie uses Vlocity for step by step screen flows (vlocity omniscripts). This is then used for example to plan or execute work orders. In these step by step flows, they regularly retrieve data from Salesforce or other systems. They also use the technologies offered by Vlocity, including: data raptors, integration procedures, etc. Engie uses it for the door-to-door selling of contracts, again with a step by step screen flow where they can draw up a contract at the end of the flow. We can conclude that Vlocity can be used for different purposes.

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