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The Customer Link is a Salesforce Silver Partner, meaning we’re officially accredited to help you with the different tools based on this software. Depending on your needs, we’ll help you decide which tool is best suited for you.

As a nice bonus, we are also capable to support with other software options than can be a useful addition to your Salesforce environment. We’ll not only advise, but also implement the best option for your business.

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud as a CRM system is ideal to manage all your sales processes in a comprehensive and efficient way, helping you follow up on potential leads even better! The software package offers several advantages, including the following:

  • Lead management: better follow-up of all your potential leads, so they can convert into customers even faster!
  • Close more deals: thanks to a better management of opportunities and accounts, you’ll have a more comprehensive view of all customers. That includes history, internal discussions etc., which means you’ll miss fewer opportunities.
  • Increased productivity: your sales team can operate faster and better thanks to automated processes and co-working tools
  • Make informative decisions: the Salesforce reports, dashboards and sales forecasting offer more insights, which helps you make decisions based on actual data

Service Cloud

Service Cloud offers all the necessary options to ensure smooth communications with customers and other stakeholders. Enjoy optimal customer service thanks to effective case- & support management with all the relevant information on hand, so you can appoint the right support agent to the case.
The software package offers multiple advantages, including the following:

  • Omni-channel: automatically send open cases from different channels to the right contact person or to a specific waitlist.
  • 360° view: incidents can be solved more quickly thanks to a comprehensive overview of all communications, including the context of all cases and customers.
  • Knowledge base: all case files will be saved, so you can re-use them at a later date. For example: if a question comes in that is similar to a case that’s been solved before, then you can find the answer in just a few clicks!
  • Community portal: this is the ideal place for customers and stakeholders to come together, share knowledge and ask questions.

Marketing Cloud & Pardot

Marketing Cloud and Pardot are both marketing automation systems. Depending on your business needs, we can assist you in choosing the right tool. A marketing automation system offers plenty of advantages:

  • E-mail marketing & campaigning:with a marketing automation platform, you can create automated (email) campaigns that will cover the entire customer journey of (potential) leads from beginning to end.
  • Lead generation:every business is looking for new customers, but how can you do this as fast and as efficiently as possible? Thanks to a personalized approach, you can speak to your leads through their favorite channel about a subject they’re genuinely interested in.
  • Lead scoring:with lead scoring, you’ll give your prospective customers a “rating”, which is based on specific characteristics and (online) behavior that you’ve determined beforehand. In doing so, you can easily identify the most interesting leads and hand them off to your sales team!
  • Social Studio: become more conscious of what your (prospective) customers are saying on social media about your company or about any other related topics, so you can interact with them in one single platform!

Community Cloud

The Community Cloud connects all your customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders in one platform. In doing so, you can easily share information from your Salesforce organization.

  • For customers: the Customer Portal can help you strengthen your relationship with customers thanks to a direct and clear communication line. Whether it’s feedback or ideas, or anything else: it can all be captured so you’ll know how to improve your service or product!
  • For partners:the Partner Portal enables partners to talk to one another, share opportunities with each other and work better together.
  • For employees: enjoy more smooth workstreams with other agencies and partners.


Veeva is a cloud solution by Salesforce that’s specific to the pharma industry. This software package has several settings and best practices that have been completely adjusted to what’s needed in the pharma business process. There’s also a mobile app that sales reps use to follow up on their customers while they’re in the field.

The Customer Link has plenty of experience in the pharma industry and is therefore very knowledgeable about Veeva. The platform offers several advantages, including these:

  • Sales cycle planning & follow-up
  • Event management
  • Surveys
  • Improved email & consent management
  • Account planning

Other tools

In addition to Salesforce, we’re also experienced in other tools so we can ensure your business is able to process all required data quickly & efficiently.

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud: this software package will help you to improve the online buyer experiences thanks to all kinds of controls and while using several different channels, such as mobile, social, website etc.
  • Tableau: thanks to an integration of Tableau with Salesforce, you can easily visualize all data, which can help you make more informed decisions.
  • Mulesoft: Mulesoft is able to easily connect your data, your apps and your devices with one another, both on-premise and in the cloud.
  • CPQ App: this application is a “Salesforce native app” and offers support to help you manage your pricing and billing from Salesforce.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Einstein’s deep learning APIs empower you to build AI-powered apps, using the Einstein Language and Einstein Vision. Whether you’re still a beginner and you’d like a conceptual introduction to Einstein, or you’re looking for more specific implementation details – we’d love to talk to you about your goals & challenges!
  • Heroku: this is a platform as a service (PaaS) that enables developers to build, run and operate entire applications completely in the cloud.
  • Connective: our partner Connective has developed an app that can easily be added to your Salesforce environment. In doing so, you can handle all your business transactions in a secure environment, including signing digital contracts that are 100% legally binding!

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