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March 4, 2022
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April 25, 2022
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The Salesforce optimization process of i3-Group

Our world is constantly changing. The exponential acceleration of technology today requires increasingly new skill sets. While the gap between skills and technology keeps growing, i3-Group comes to the rescue. The I3-Group companies manufacture, distribute and install products and solutions that help create interactive learning environments such as advanced classroom and office furniture, interactive ICT solutions…

Even within i3-Groups’ own working environment the needs changed, so the time had come to optimize. The Customer Link guided i3-Group through their Salesforce optimization process.

Two phases of the optimization process: discovery & optimization

Through an initial discovery phase, The Customer Link gained insights into i3-Group’s Salesforce platform. During two discovery sessions and an orientation day, we focused on understanding the current business processes and the changing needs of i3-Group’s business came to the surface. In this phase, The Customer Link and i3-Group defined the necessary optimizations in Salesforce, to be addressed in the next phase.

Optimization of the Salesforce environment

In the optimization phase, TCL ensured that all users could work in the lightning version. We reworked and optimized:

  • various opportunity flows and processes;
  • validation processes;
  • visit reports;
  • notification management.

Furthermore, TCL gave an end-user/admin training allowing the i3-team to work autonomously on short term adjustments. In addition, we have a Champions-trajectory running in which we keep track of the process at set times and inspire i3-Group with solutions for their ever-changing business.

Could your Salesforce environment also use a rework? Contact our experts for a personalized Salesforce optimization process.

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