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Enterprise case Soprema

Soprema is an international company and one of the market leaders in isolation and waterproofing. The North European team was following Canada with a Pardot implementation. Belgium’s headquarter felt like they needed a local partner to guide them through the process. With a local partnership, Soprema wanted to better understand and define the requirements based on strategical and marketing insights, while challenging the technical set-up that had been made so far. As TCL became a Pardot expert on strategic, functional and technical level, we were the perfect fit for Soprema.

TCL provides a personal implementation approach

By organizing workshops and trainings we could provide a better understanding of marketing automation, define what an implementation contains and on what level(s) decisions needed to be made. Afterwards we looked at the business and data model of Soprema in order to structure this. A special focus was laid on the Pardot-CRM integration. We’ve started off with a health check covering the implementation set-up so far, as well as defining requirement documentation at the end of the workshops. This way, we were able to successfully implement Pardot for Soprema. Our collaboration has not ended there since TCL stays Soprema’s go-to North-european partner concerning marketing automation topics and the overall roll-out of Pardot in other North European countries.

What are some quick wins when working with TCL for a marketing automation implementation:

  • Having a better understanding of marketing automation in general
  • Understand how Pardot will work for your business
  • General overview of your data model in Pardot and Salesforce
  • Have insights of your data sync structure
  • Defined requirements and a futureproof roadmap

  “The Customer Link came right when we needed them the most. As a functional, technical and strategic expert on marketing automation, they were able to help us with all kinds of topics. With TCL we’ve found a local Pardot partner, who understands our processes. They challenge us along the way. “  – Sarah Meeus, digital marketing manager North-Europe

Are you in need of a local Salesforce implementation parter? Who can challenge you in every way possible and in is touch with your business landscape? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll partner you up with one of our experts!  
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