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TCL supported ArmenTeKort with their Pardot optimization

Salesforces 1% pledge: give back to society

Salesforces culture of the past 18 years enables employees and their communities to support the social sector. Salesforce.org is based on the 1-1-1 model: dedicate 1% of employee revenue, product and/or time to your communities. Because this is also a key pillar for The Customer link, we have adopted the 1% pledge and are taking our responsibility to give back. In 2021, one of our pledge projects is ArmenTeKort vzw. ArmenTeKort is a non-profit organization that aims to eliminate structural poverty by connecting underprivileged and disadvantaged city dwellers. By showing that things can be different and making people feel that they are not alone, ArmenTeKort believes that we can eliminate underprivileged people from our modern society.

TCL took the pledge and shared its Pardot expertise

The non-profit organization could count on our expertise regarding marketing automation within The Customer Link. ArmenTeKort uses Salesforce Sales Cloud as well as Pardot to support its activities and processes. Pardot, the marketing automation tool, has been set up since summer 2020 with the goal of optimizing the communication with ambassadors, sponsors, volunteers, partners,… optimize and automate the follow-up.

Step 1: the health check

For our first sprint, we first did a health check of their current functioning; which essential elements were still missing, which ones could we optimize and what was already in order. From there, we created a bucket of work items, which we coordinated with ArmeTeKort’s internal planning.

Step 2: strategy workshops

Once this was in place, we organized two workshops where we reviewed the communication strategy and marketing flows. From this, we were able to finalize the bucket work points and draw out new marketing flows. During the entire process we also assisted ArmenTeKort with all kinds of questions regarding the tool; novelties, best practices and possible optimizations were all discussed.

At the end of this first sprint, we achieved some great results. We at The Customer Link are happy that we could support this noble cause. The continuation of our collaboration is already planned within a few weeks. Are you a non-profit organization yourself? Did you know that Salesforce gives you your first 10 licenses for free? If you want more information about Salesforce’s work for non-profits, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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