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Shift from Teamleader to Salesforce’s Sales and Service Cloud

Client Case: Easypost

Easypost is a Belgian specialist in managing packaging and mail. They take care of the distribution of outgoing letters, parcels and registered mail. They mainly focus on the optimization for business mail and always have an eye for their customer experience.

They organized their sales processes with Teamleader, but as they grew they needed a more extensive and stronger tool. Salesforce’s Sales Cloud had many functionalities that appealed to them, it is future-proof and has numerous integrations. Because of the personal approach, they partnered with The Customer Link for a succesfull implementation.


Phase 1: Start with Sales Cloud

Started with a CRM health check

By starting with a health check, TCL quickly gained insights into the current sales processes, allowing us to understand the needs and quickly think along. By streamlining this overall picture and making suggestions for optimisations, we made rapid progress for the implementation.

Data migration from Teamleader to Salesforce

By focusing on the specific requirements of the tool and the implementation approach in the first sprint, it was easy to properly migrate the data from Teamleader to Salesforce.

Integration set-ups: Aircall, Zendesk, Hubspot and Showpad.

In addition, Sales Cloud was linked to Zendesk, Hubspot, Outlook and Showpad. And also the integration with Aircall was very important. Easypost also had to be able to build their own call center on the platform.

After the first phase of the integration, we quickly proceeded to optimizations and new integrations that would make the tool even easier on a daily basis… A team of Salesforce trailblazers at Easypost was in direct contact with The Customer Link to realize this.


Phase 2: Start with Service Cloud

Switching from Zendesk to Service Cloud

By using Sales Cloud intensively for lead follow-up, document creation, call center, … they also worked with Zendesk that was integrated with Sales Cloud. Nevertheless, Easypost wanted to centralize their processes and data on one platform. Therefore they chose to switch from Zendesk to Salesforce’s Service Cloud.

With the implementation of Sales and Service Cloud they now have a 360° overview of their opportunities, contacts, information, customers, etc. This ensures better insights but also better functionalities for their integrations with, for example, Aircall. For example, they now have the linked contact on their screen for an incoming call, so they have the right information available right away.

Updated customer portal

To ensure full synchronization, The Customer Link also ensured that Easypost’s Self-service customer portal was transferred. This switch ensures that, in the case of Easypost, when an employee adds a new knowledge article, such as FAQs, on SFDC (Service Cloud), this is automatically visible on the end user’s portal.

Tailor-made training ensured that employees were aware of all the functionalities they needed for their daily use.

The advantages of an all-round CRM platform

By switching platforms, Easypost enjoyed some advantages:

  • Integration between call center and sales database
  • Significant improvement in data quality
  • More efficient process because of the automations
  • All data is on one platform
  • All knowledge of contacts, opportunities, … is easy to find and is even easier to complete and update.
  • Due to the omni-channel use, each case reaches the right person directly
  • Reports are easily drawn

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