Inspire and innovate

Inspire & Innovate

CRM systems have an endless amount of possibilities to them and not all of them are known. To ensure that your company chooses the right options, we’d love a chance to sit down with you to discuss what’s best for you. Let’s make a plan together and inspire to innovate!

Need some inspiration?

What is a CRM system exactly? What’s the added value that a CRM system can deliver to your business? And to what extent is Salesforce the most suitable option for your needs?

Because of all the possible tools & software in the marketplace, it’s hard to know what to pick. That’s why we organize dedicated sessions to help you understand the CRM landscape and how you can benefit your business.

Health check alert!

No matter where you’d like to go with your company, it’s important to have a clear overview of all current systems and architecture.

If you’re using Salesforce, is it being used correctly within your business? Has your data become corrupted or polluted somehow? Are your security settings correct and are you making use of the right reports?

Our Customer Link team will map out your entire Salesforce environment and make you aware of any weak points, so we can offer you a solution that’s tailored to your needs.

Strategically moving forward

With a clear overview of all your current capabilities and a mission to grow, we will present you with the best solution for your business. The decision to “digitize” your business cannot happen on a simple “whim”, but it must be part of a larger plan to reform your IT infrastructure into a base that can support all other business processes.

Thanks to our level of experience & knowledge of best practices, our experts can offer a complete plan of action. Together we’ll go through all of the CRM processes and we’ll ensure that the proposed solution will meet your specific needs.

Tailored Innovation

Salesforce is more than a single platform, as it offers multiple other applications in the AppExchange. However, despite the wide range of apps available, often you’ll find yourself needing something very specific. For those questions, we are happy to help with:

  • Custom apps: The Customer Link team can build custom apps & develop them on the platform. Next, those apps will be seamlessly integrated into your Salesforce environment!
  • Chatbots: Chatbots are deployed more and more to connect efficiently with customers. Would you like to introduce a chatbot that can easily integrate with your Salesforce environment? No problem, we’ve got you covered!
  • Surveys: Trying to put a number on customer satisfaction is not easy, especially as most businesses lack the proper tools to conduct research. But by connecting useful surveys with your CRM system, it starts to become quite easy! Ask one of our team members to give you a hand.

What our customers say:

Reference: Anno Chemicals

“The Customer Link is very experienced with Salesforce and sales processes, which means they actively participated in thinking about how we should set up our Salesforce environment. And once we decided how we were going to proceed, it only took a few weeks before we could start! We had a quick start from initial brainstorm to having a finished product, which included great trainings for all end users. And of course, the team is always available to help out when we have questions.”

Luc Bonami - Anno Chemicals

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Reference: Stadslab

“We’re a small organization and we thought Salesforce would be too complicated for us - but oh, how wrong we were! The Customer Link were great listeners who actually gave us a system that is completely tailored to our way of working. To us, Salesforce is flexible, user-friendly and it gave our business a real boost. In addition, it’s an affordable option needing little maintenance with an easy set-up. As an extra bonus, there’s also a ton of possible integrations, like for example Eventbrite. Because of Salesforce, our team can focus on achieving our main goal: a sustainable city.”

Luk Lafosse - Stadslab

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