Projects A to Z

As a team, The Customer Link has all the necessary skills to guide you with your Salesforce project from start to finish. No matter what it is you need exactly, we’ll take this show on the road, step by step!

Business analysis

We have proven expertise in analyzing businesses based on current processes, structure and ways of working. In addition, we take into account your vision for the future and what you’d like to achieve. Thanks to such a thorough analysis, we can gather all the necessary requirements for your CRM system!

Salesforce implementation

We always strive for a truly great implementation of your Salesforce environment. That’s why we make sure everything is on hand:

  • A complete roll-out strategy
  • Selection of third parties (if required)
  • Documentation about your environment
  • Technical deployment
  • Testing

Salesforce migrations

If you already have a current CRM system, but you’d like to switch to Salesforce, then we are happy to help. After manipulation of all necessary data, we are able to seamlessly migrate them into Salesforce. In addition, we can also assist in migrations fròm Salesforce tó Salesforce.

Custom Salesforce

Salesforce is a powerful CRM tool that comes with many standard options that are already built-in. But, we appreciate that every business is different and it’s often useful to adjust certain elements so they can work better for your company. A few examples:

  • Tailored page layout
  • Custom fields
  • Creation of automated processes
  • Personalized reports
  • And more!

Technical & functional documentation

As we set up your new Salesforce environment, it’s crucial that there’s existing documentation about all the different settings etc. Why? Because it will help you in the future, should you have any pressing questions. But also, if your Salesforce environment needs any adjustments in the future, then you’ll have a solid base to start from.


Salesforce is able to interact with several other tools and software, from email programs to complex ERP systems. By connecting your Salesforce environment to other, crucial systems in your business, you’ll be creating an extensive network of data with more streamlined processes across departments, such as IT, sales and marketing.

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