Marketing Automation

Marketing automation

Customer engagement is becoming more and more crucial for your business. From a sales & marketing perspective, you want to interact with your customers at the right time. Marketing automation is a way to automate your campaigns and creating unique and personal customer journeys based on the digital behavior of your customers & prospects. Customers expect personalized communication at the right time, trough the right channel.

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Some crucial elements of marketing automation:

E-mail marketing & campaigns: E-mails can be used strategically to connect with your customers at specific moments during the customer journey. A marketing automation platform allows you to create automated campaigns that guide the entire customer journey of your (potential) customers from start to finish.

Lead generation: Every business is looking for new customers, but how can you do that quickly & efficiently? Thanks to a personalized approach, you can connect with your prospects via their favorite channel based on content that genuinely interests them.

Lead scoring: Rate your prospects based on predefined characteristics and (online) behavior. This way you can identify your most interesting leads and pass them on to your sales team.

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