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Marketing automation

One of The Customer Link’s competence centers focuses specifically on Salesforce marketing automation services. The team consists of strategists, creative mindsets, technical people who know the ins and outs of both the marketing automation tools, and the connection to a Sales / Service Cloud, and so on.

We are more than happy to announce that this dedicated competence center became a separate brand, called HAVIK.

Our TCL expertise

Our services consist of:

  • Marketing automation implementation
  • Connecting Sales & Marketing processes
  • Tactical & strategic marketing automation guidance
  • Pipeline conversion & optimization
  • User Experience
  • Data Centricity

More than a technical implementation partner

With these activities we are more than a technical implementation partner. We focus on long-term relationships in which we can support the customer strategically, functionally and technically during every phase of the organization’s life.

A proactive mindset is key in our organization to assist the customer with best practices, share new functionalities, and hold regular inspiration sessions. The following topics can be discussed during one of the inspiration sessions:

  • Campaigning: an interactive brainstorming session to define the “top notch” flows to achieve your business goals. Depending on the needs, we will focus more on lead generation, customer retention, loyalty, onboarding, …
  • Personas: defining your personas – the key customer segments. By defining clear communication strategies per persona we increase future conversions & loyalty.
  • Reporting: during a workshop we discover together what the most important insights are for you as an organization, and what targets are a priority. Based on these KPIs, we create concrete dashboards that are fed by real-time data.


Do you want to know how marketing automation can play a role for you? Book your obligation-free inspiration session now!