Lightning UI

Salesforce has two different user interfaces: Classic and Lightning. The classical version is a little older and still works, but starting from 2020, it will no longer be supported by Salesforce. Instead, Lightning is the new user interface, which must be adopted as soon as possible by all Salesforce users! Are you ready for the switch?

Why Lightning?

It’s not just that the classic interface will no longer be properly supported by Salesforce, but when new functionalities are created, they will only be created for the Lightning experience. That means you’ll seriously miss out on all new updates if you stick to the classic version.

In addition, the Lightning experience works to your advantage: it’s more efficient and ensures you can work in a better way than before. So, in short: there’s only advantages to switching to Lightning!

Switching together before 2020

Switching to Lightning isn’t just pressing the button “Switch to Lightning”. There’s a bit more to it, especially if you have a Salesforce environment with custom-built items, such as page layouts etc. In that case, we strongly recommend having a dedicated Salesforce partner to help you through it, as you don’t want to miss any functionalities.

The Customer Link is here to support you with all our knowledge of best practices, including our tips & tricks, to make the transition as smooth and efficient as possible. We’ll even perform a small health check of your current system, so we can immediately make any changes if necessary. In doing so, you’ll be ready to gear up for 2020!

What our customers say

Reference: Janssen Pharmaceutica

“The Customer Link helped us switch from Salesforce Classic to Lightning. And that wasn’t just in a technical sense, but they also helped with our business processes and user adoption. And the best part? Because of the agile way of working we were able to achieve results very quickly!”

Ute Weibach - Janssen Pharmaceutica

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