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Digitization for SME’S

Digitization is an opportunity, but our SME landscape often sees this as big steps to take. With all possible tools & software on the market, you can sometimes no longer see the trees through the forest. We also know that this causes a mind shift because all those Excel documents are now really a thing of the past. As an SME specialist, we know the obstacles you encounter in such a process and are therefore happy to take every step together with you.

Salesforce implementation

Implementing Salesforce correctly is always step 1 and is therefore of utmost importance to us. We provide everything necessary for this:

  • A complete roll-out strategy
  • Creation of documentation about your environment
  • Technical deployment
  • Testing
  • Training of your employees
  • And more!

Custom Salesforce

Salesforce is a powerful CRM program with multiple options already built in. You will find a few examples below. Together with you, we always define priorities first and set up a future growth path together.

  • Custom page layout
  • Custom fields
  • Creation of automated processes
  • Personalized reports
  • Integrations with other programs: e-mail, ERP, …
  • And more!

After that you are not alone, do not worry! We remain available at all times through our support packages.

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