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Salesforce Training

Salesforce Training

Training for all levels, from beginner to advanced

As a Salesforce Parter we give trainings about a lot of different Salesforce products. We help you with the setup of your Salesforce product and if you want to reach the next level in your Salesforce journey we also have some trainings for this.

Salesforce trainings

Sales Cloud

  • Base end-user
  • Advanced end-user
  • Base admin

Service Cloud

  • Base end-user
  • Advanced end-user
  • Base admin


  • End-user training (Base + advanced)
  • Base admin
  • Advanced admin


  • Introduction workshop
  • Base end-user
  • Advanced end-user
  • Base admin

Marketing automation

  • Base training

Do you need more specialized support? Then book your coffee-consultancy!

Frequently asked questions

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