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May 4, 2021
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June 11, 2021
Case Viva Packaging Europe nv

Salesforce Sales Cloud as a kickstart to a Customer 360° approach

Viva Packaging Europe nv, pleasure to meet you

Viva Packaging Europe nv is part of the larger Viva group. With headquarters in Hong Kong and operations in several continents, this multinational takes care of the packaging of many of our daily products. For the market of personal care products tubes, caps, bottles, sticks and for example also personal protection products such as mouth masks or gloves are provided.

With the establishment in Antwerp, Viva Packaging nv has a firm foot on European soil. Within this team the need arose for a strong professionalization of the sales process. A piece of cake for our experienced project team, who started working with the necessary know-how to ensure that Viva Packaging nv can also use the Salesforce Sales Cloud that makes a more efficient sales follow-up possible.

Out goes the old, Excel, in comes the new, Salesforce

Salesforce has all the assets to work out a successful sales process. Sales Cloud allows us to completely out of the box provide the necessary sales processes with (custom) fields, automation and support of sales processes from A to Z.

Until recently, Viva Packaging nv worked from Excel for their sales process. This lack of an efficient and modern CRM system was also the main reason for switching to Salesforce.

Specifically in the sales process of Viva Packaging nv, prospects (Leads) are cherished and moulded into Accounts and Contacts with concrete sales opportunities. These Opportunities are followed up step by step during the negotiations until there is a closed-won deal: a new agreement with a new or already existing customer!

Specifically in this process, our team has set up some custom modifications:

  • Every deal must, of course, be “secured” by the bank. For this, the necessary fields and automations were provided, so that this runs smoothly for every closed deal.
  • Products such as tubes, jars or sticks are a starting point and not an end point for Viva Packaging. Each product is determined by a number of properties, for which the necessary fields have been provided. A significant advantage of being able to use standard automations and calculations from Salesforce is that this all happened on the standard product object.
  • Salesforce Inbox licenses were purchased in order to make full use of all the benefits that Salesforce has to offer. A full synchronization of mails and calendar with smart support and the necessary AI from Salesforce Einstein, provide strong support for the successful sales team. Through Salesforce Einstein, emails can be linked directly to the contact, or an email can be labeled based on its content.

Salesforce’s best practices work!

Salesforce enables any company to follow the example of thousands of others and implement a sales structure that fits and works with a minimum of personalization. Proprietary products and processes are used, and allow companies to use the well-proven system of Salesforce Sales Cloud with respect to their own entity. As a result, the following benefits, among others, are available:

  • Efficient targeting of specific groups of leads
  • Actively use the structure provided to easily convert leads into opportunities
  • Seeing every opportunity grow with the correct calculated amounts for every change in products
  • Efficiently organize a service process after the sale

What’s Next?

By implementing out of the box processes, Viva Packaging nv is also ready for the future, and can switch to other Salesforce solutions with telling ease. A few examples:

  • Service Cloud can be used to further follow up on won deals, manage orders and offer extra service to new and existing customers.
  • Experience Cloud can – in combination with Service Cloud – give customers access to an online knowledge base, or enable them to facilitate fully online self-service.
  • Marketing Cloud and/or Pardot can be used to make the first contacts, execute campaigns and generate and nurture leads until they are sales-worthy.

“TCL does a deep analysis of your needs, set up a workable schedule to implement Salesforce, offer the proper solutions within the Salesforce framework, clearly communicate on what is possible and what is not and are very responsive.” – Pieter Clissen

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