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The Customer Link wants to be a trusted partner who’s open to a long-term relationship with all of its customers. We’ll stand by you as we guide you from A to Z, from the very start all the way to quality training and support afterwards.

Project methodology

There’s several methodologies to run a project and ensure it goes well. Our certified Project Managers have sufficient experience to utilize the right methodology that will suit your business needs and that will offer the best results. Whether it’s waterfall or agile, or a combination of the two, we tailor our approach to your business and ways of working. In doing so, you can trust us to guide you through the process.

Type of projects

We offer two types of projects, depending on the needs of your business:

  • Long term consultancy
    The Customer Link offers multiple consultants, all with years of experience in Salesforce and with knowledge of different industries. If you’re looking for specific expertise to join your own team in-house, then consultancy is the answer for you!

    More about consultancy Read our Engie case
  • A to Z Projects
    Every Salesforce project can be executed, step by step, by the mixed skills team of The Customer Link. We’ll work out everything depending on the requirements and we’ll ensure that you and your team can get started as soon as possible!

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Glocal expertise

In addition to our team of local experts here in Belgium, our customers may also enjoy our nearshore solution. Based in Portugal, we can always deploy extra team members when required.
The team in Portugal produce high-quality results at competitive prices, but they’re still supervised by the local Customer Link Team. The project is managed from Belgium and simply making use of extra resources abroad. In doing so, we are able to guarantee a strong and trustworthy relationship with welcome flexibility - two key ingredients to a successful project!

What our customers say

  • We were in need of a more advanced CRM tool to support our business. We wanted to be inspired by Salesforce to optimize our current way of working. The Customer Link helped us do that by really listening to our needs and making sure Salesforce was a solution for that. After getting to know us, TCL started with the configuration & integrations of Salesforce and the data migration from our old CRM tool. It’s been an ongoing process and we are learning together, which has been great for our own teams too! In addition, TCL are always available if we need changes or trainings for the team. To us, TCL is our long term A-Z partner.”
  • Robbie Dugardijn
    If you need strong consultants that can deliver high quality results at an acceptable price rate, then The Customer Link is your answer. They offer us proactive consultants who think about innovative solutions with us ànd they know the energy market. They join us for long-term periods as genuine team members - and that makes all the difference!
    Robbie Dugardijn
  • Gert-Jan Devries
    The Customer Link is a very efficient partner. The implementation of our Salesforce platform took only a few weeks before we could get started!
    Gert-Jan Devries
  • Luk Lafosse
    Because we’re a small organization, Salesforce seemed like a solution that would’ve been too complex for us. But The Customer Link has showed us how the system could be beneficial to us, completely tailored to our way of working. We find Salesforce to be flexible and user-friendly, and it really gave our business the boost it needed. In addition, it’s an affordable tool, which is easy to install, it needs little maintenance and there’s so many possible integrations available, like for example Eventbrite. Because of Salesforce we can now really focus on our goal: to create a sustainable city.
    Luk Lafosse

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