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Salesforce implementation with a marketing automation tool


Client Case: Dynatos

As a leader in IT and business solutions, Dynatos has been a pioneer since 1991. With offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and more than 50 employees, they continue to grow. Dynatos is a reseller of software such as ReadSoft, Windream and other documentation and process software. They work very pragmatically with as little overhead as possible. Their services have a quick go-to-market, are qualitative and affordable.


Implement your Sales Cloud quickly and efficiently with Quick Start packages.

The Customer Link started this partnership in 2017 because there was a great need for an extensive CRM package at Dynatos. They have a large sales team that tackled 3 countries with their own KPI’s and clear customer segments. Because the team works so distributed and is often on-the-road, they needed a tool that could easily share data, have mobile access and quickly display reports. Salesforce quickly emerged as the ideal solution. And The Customer Link was the ideal implementation partner for their Quick Start Packages.

The implementation of the Salesforce Sales Cloud at Dynatos was completed in less than 4 weeks. Because Dynatos itself was well prepared, TCL was able to bundle all information, requirements and needs quickly. In addition, an integration between Sales Cloud and Eloqua, a marketing automation tool, was facilitated.

Once this process was completed, the Dynatos team was trained so that Sales Cloud was supported by the employees and they could find their way of working in it.

“The Customer Link is a very efficient partner. The implementation of our Salesforce platform took only a few weeks to get started! Their training was also clear and to the point, allowing our sales teams to understand all the functionalities the platform has to offer.
Furthermore, we know that we can always call The Customer Link if we need additional support or training!

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