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Marketing Cloud & Pardot

Marketing Cloud and Pardot are both marketing automation systems. Depending on your business needs, we can assist you in choosing the right tool.

A marketing automation system offers many advantages:

  • Email marketing & campaigning: e-mails can be used strategically to make a connection with the customer at specific moments in the customer journey. With a marketing automation platform it is possible to set up automated campaigns that guide the entire customer journey of your (potential) customers from start to finish.
  • Lead generation: every business is looking for new customers, but how do you do that quickly & efficiently? Thanks to a personalized approach, you can address your prospects through their favorite channel on a topic that genuinely interests them.
  • Lead scoring: give your prospects a rating based on predefined characteristics and (online) behavior. That way you can identify the most interesting leads and pass them on to your sales team!
  • Social Studio: be aware of what your prospects and current customers say on social media about your company or other related topics, so you can interact with them from anywhere through one platform!