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Marketing Cloud & Pardot

Marketing Cloud and Pardot are both marketing automation tools of Salesforce. These solutions allow companies to automatically build and maintain personal relationships with their customers, partners, etc.

Did you already know that one of The Customer Link’s competence centers focuses specifically on Salesforce marketing automation services?
We are more than happy to announce that this dedicated competence center became a separate brand, called HAVIK.

Different purposes

These tools can be used for various purposes:

  • Optimize lead generation,
  • To create visibility across multiple channels, and to channel faster – more qualitative – leads to Sales Cloud,
  • Reduce churn or increase loyalty, for example,
  • Discovering cross-sell and up-sell opportunities,

The two tools each have their own characteristics and best practices. Where Marketing Cloud is more known on B2C level, Pardot supports more functionalities on B2B level. However, a thorough analysis by a Salesforce expert is needed to make a correct recommendation on which tool is best suited for your organization’s needs.


Interested in a non-committal session on marketing automation and what it entails?

Some general features of Pardot & Marketing Cloud:

  • Email marketing & campaigning: emails can be used strategically to connect with the customer at specific moments in the customer journey. With a marketing automation platform it is possible to create automated campaigns that accompany the entire customer journey of your (potential) customers from start to finish.
  • Lead generation: every business is looking for new customers, but how do you do that quickly & efficiently? Thanks to a personalized approach you can address your prospects via their favorite channel on a subject that truly interests them.
  • Lead scoring: give your prospects a rating based on predefined characteristics and (online) behaviour. That way you can identify the most interesting leads and pass them on to your sales team!
  • Analytics: discover where the added value is in your marketing activities, and where the ROMI is the highest. By having your marketing automation tool on the same (Salesforce) platform as your CRM system (Sales Cloud), you create a 360┬░ view on investments and revenues.

Need help with setting up or choosing the right marketing automation platform? Or do you need a partner who will challenge your current processes?