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Other tools

In addition to Salesforce, we also use other tools to ensure that your company can process all necessary data easily & efficiently.

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud: this software package helps you to improve the online buying experience with all kinds of controls and that via various channels such as mobile, social, website etc.
  • Tableau: Thanks to an integration of Salesforce and Tableau, it is possible to visualize all data quickly and clearly, which can help to make better decisions.
  • Mulesoft: with Mulesoft you can easily connect data, applications or devices with each other, both on location and in the cloud.
  • CPQ App: this application is a “Salesforce native app” and offers support to manage your pricing and billing from Salesforce
  • Artificial Intelligence: Einstein’s deep learning APIs allow you to build AI-powered apps using Einstein Language and Einstein Vision. Whether you’re a beginner and want a conceptual introduction to Einstein, or you’re already looking for specific implementation details – we’ll be happy to discuss your goals & challenges.
  • Heroku: this is a platform as a service (PaaS) that enables developers to build, run and operate all kinds of applications completely in the cloud.

What can we do for you?

Advice about products, need for inspiration, a health check of your current Salesforce environment ... We are happy to listen & help you further!