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June 8, 2020
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October 28, 2020
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Optimize your CRM and don’t fall into common mistakes.

Covid-19 has ensured that digitalisation has gained momentum. Customers and partners now expect a different approach than a year ago. They are now (even) more online and want to stay up to date digitally. Many companies have already picked up on this and the world became more digital.

Creating loyal customers without personal (physical) contact has therefore never been such a challenge. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems must tackle this challenge as well.

Salesforce therefore conducted research into the use of CRM systems in various industries and came up with the following interesting findings:

  • 57% work with a fragmented CRM system
  • 80% of companies use a CRM system for their customeroriented strategy
  • 90% consider their CRM system an important element to improve their customer experience

This shows that many companies see the importance of their CRM, but often underutilize it. With a good integration of your CRM system you can improve your customer satisfaction and get all departments alligned.

We would like to list some common mistakes for you.

CRM systems are used differently across departements

Many companies do not have a 360° customer overview. Different teams often work within their own framework for sales, marketing, service,…
As a result, a lot of information is ‘lost’. Your customer cycle starts in the orientation phase before they are actually customers. The sales team registers fields of interest here, marketers can use this for product updates and new campaigns.

Datacentralisation is key

If you use multiple CRM systems as a company, your biggest pitfall is that your data is never available in one place and never stays up to date. This is why you get an unreliable and incomplete picture of your customers.

Don’t overlook automation

Automation is crucial for a customer oriented approach. It allows your teams to efficiently focus on the needs of your clients. Furthermore, automation also ensures that you can guarantee an authentic and personal approach and push specific relevant content. This makes it easy to roll out your retention strategy.

Look beyond CRM

Your toolkit consists of a CRM ecosystem. Be aware of all integrated applications that can improve your customer experience. Think of: eSignature, contract management, Pardot, etc.

Do you want to digitize but are overwhelmed with the possibilities? Don’t know where to start to centralize your data? Or do you want to expand your CRM ecosystem? Know that we can always help you with that.



Source: Salesforce.com


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