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How do you kick off your Salesforce implementation?

Are you going (more) digital? Are you committing to a CRM tool? Did Salesforce come out on top? GREAT!

But how exactly do you start?

First, make sure try out a Salesforce test environment. This will allow you to evaluate if this is something for your organization. The trail organization contains sector-specific sample data that allows you to try out a few things before purchasing your real licenses. When you really go for it, it’s also easy to remove al the sample data in just 1 click and import your own data.

Planning your Salesforce implementation?

Before you get started, it’s important to choose an implementation partner so you’ll get the most out of your new CRM tool. Implementation partners are organizations certified by Salesforce. They work with you to develop a data model so that your Salesforce environment fully meets your needs. Engaging such a partner can greatly shorten the implementation process and make it more efficient.

Not sure if your organization needs such a partner?

No problem. This is an obvious question to ask yourself. We are happy to make the following comparison for you.

Qualifications Sometimes companies have employees certified by Salesforce who can help with your set-up. Consultants are Salesforce certified.
Experience Typically, employees have little or no Salesforce experience. Consultants have set up many Salesforce organizations and have knowledge of best practices.
Availability of resources for setting up Usually there is an area of conflict between a Salesforce set-up and the other projects and priorities of employees. Consultants focus on and deliver a range of work for your Salesforce implementation.
External support Salesforce provides basic support for all Salesforce organizations. Support includes access to self-help (online help articles) and Customer Support agents (with a guaranteed response within 2 days). Consultants are experienced, have networks and provide customized personal support to companies during set-up and implementation. And stay with you even after your implementation.
Timing Implementing Salesforce yourself typically means investing a significant amount of time, unless experienced resources are available. Implementing Salesforce with a partner is faster, because experienced resources are fully involved in your project.
Salesforce acceptance by your sales teams If Salesforce is not properly implemented, companies run the risk that sales teams don’t recognize the value of products and don’t accept the product with full belief and engagement. When consultants implement Salesforce, sales teams are more likely to accept the product from the beginning because its value is clear.
Training resources Companies need to adapt and implement their own training programs for employees, without guidance from skilled resources. Salesforce partners can offer experienced guidance and custom training materials.
Source: salesforce.com

In short, the cooperation with an implementation partner provides a solid base for continued growth. By analyzing your processes and finding out where there is room for improvement, they create an optimized Salesforce environment. They also save you a lot of time as experts.

In addition, an implementation is not just about the technical part. It’s also about creating acceptance, ownership, training and support. Salesforce implementation partners will help you with this as well.

Digitizing or CRM implementations always start with gathering information. Do you have a shortlist of tools? Don’t know how to compare them? Or have you made your choice but you don’t know how to proceed?

We at The Customer Link are happy to help you with this. So don’t hesitate to contact us.


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