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How Lie Detectors tackled their digital challenges


Lie Detectors: Who are they? What do they do?

Lie Detectors is an award-winning, journalist-led, non-profit organization headquartered in Brussels. With a team of 10, plus a community of 200 participating journalists and more than 500 schools, they are currently active in 3 countries: Austria, Belgium, and Germany.
Their mission is to secure democracy by empowering citizens to resist online disinformation. They’re doing this by improving news literacy, increasing resilience to disinformation and furthering the general public’s understanding of the mainstream media industry. They promote positive and non-political contact between young people and journalists.

Making the switch to Salesforce

In their current way of working, Lie Detectors managed all their daily business through Excel sheets and emails. After several years it was hard to keep track of all their data and information. They felt the need to transform their current way of working into a system where all data and information is captured and connected in one place. As well as stay connected with their broad community. It became clear that Salesforce was the best solution to fulfill their needs. The customization it offers, gives a personal touch to the platform and creates possibilities for their future growth.

Lie Detectors needed a centralised platform that fulfilled all their needs and requirements. As you may already know, or not, Salesforce offers a solution to follow up and streamline your daily business activities. In order to set up this environment we used three sprints:

  • Recreation of current business process into Salesforce
  • Data migration & importation
  • Outlook integration and email templates


We felt in very good hands with TCL from start to finish. TCL successfully led us through the various stages with their transparent communication. It was impressive to see how much we achieved in only three months and TCL pushed us so we could stick to the timeline as much as possible. We very much appreciated that our contacts at TCL always had the authority to answer our requests, without having to lose time checking with chain of command. TCL’s work has helped us automate much of our work, powering the expansion of activities while retaining the quality that is critical to our credibility and to the delivery of our mission.  

Rick Zednik, Lie Detectors


Salesforce isn’t far-fetched for non-profits

Salesforce has a nonprofit integration, with lots of specific benefits. So please, do not think wrongly that this isn’t for you. Salesforce has an endless amount of possibilities and not all of them are known. We, at TCL, always make sure to firstly zoom into all the necessities for your organization.

We were extremely glad to get behind an initiative as Lie Detectors and do everything in our power to optimize their operations and ensure a greater social impact for them.

If you want more information about the possibilities and customization of Salesforce for your organization. Or just want to review your current CRM-tool. Please feel free to get in touch.


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