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Pardot optimalisatie voor ArmenTeKort

Helping hands for ArmenTeKort in partnership with The Customer Link


ArmenTeKort is an Antwerp-based action research group that looks for sustainable solutions to reduce poverty. They challenge our generation to solve the problem of poverty. To accomplish this, they have developed a model that increases empowerment through highly trained buddies. They send a ‘chance-offering buddy’ off with a ‘chance-seeking buddy’. During several encounters, they will build a bond based on connection, openness and unconditionality.

To create more impact and awareness about this great initiative, The Customer Link is doing its part by optimizing their marketing automation activities and providing new building blocks to further expand their current communication strategy. To achieve this, ArmenTeKort uses SalesForce SalesCloud & Pardot as their marketing automation technology. Pardot, the marketing automation tool, was set up in the summer of 2020 with the aim of optimizing communication with ambassadors, sponsors, volunteers, partners, etc. and automating follow-up.

The Customer Link and ArmenTekort joined forces and have already successfully completed several projects. These always had the goal of making Antwerp citizens more aware of poverty in their city.

Focus on the buddy journey using Pardot marketing automation

There are many volunteers working to make the project that ArmenTeKort embraces a success, and that is what The Customer Link wants to support in the best way possible.

During the introduction, it became clear what ArmenTeKort wants to focus on in the coming months. Namely the buddy journey. In the journey where someone is interested in becoming a buddy, until they are fully trained and matched with a buddy-seeker, there are a lot of campaign and automation opportunities. We looked at these together and eventually focused on two specific stages of the process:

  1. Raise engagement from current people who have signed up with ArmenTeKort
  2. Further refine follow-up throughout the buddy journey for optimal cooperation

In addition, a preference center had to be developed, so that the organization could correctly capture registrations and deregistrations for the various types of communication. This preference center was also an important element in the communication process. In addition to the strategic aspect, we were also able to support them with the more technical aspects of their Pardot environment. We optimized the UTM tags, set up the social media connectors, tested the email deliverability, email footers and the use of personalization.

Pre-registration process and additional awareness for the information sessions

During the next phase of the collaboration, we went into more detail about how ArmenTeKort can appeal to a larger target audience in the first phase of the buddy journey and what tone of voice is needed to convince the Antwerp audience. Here we provided strategic support. The idea was to play out different emotions depending on the target audience and deploy them on different channels to get the biggest impact. Where we previously focused on the follow-up process of the buddy journey, we now also look at all the other stakeholders: ambassadors, sponsors, partners, etc.

In addition, we worked out specific exit flows. Getting someone to attend the information sessions and training is one thing, but it can happen that this person no longer wants to commit, for whatever reason. For this purpose, we have provided several exit flows to gather feedback and to get a clearer overview of who drops out and why. All this is then captured in Pardot & SalesCloud for subsequent analysis and follow-up actions.

1% pledge project in partnership with ArmenTeKort

Just like Salesforce, it is important to us that we do our part and support non-profit organizations. We do this by supporting ArmenTeKort vzw in their mission to fight poverty.

The Customer Link will continue to support ArmenTeKort where necessary in the future. This can be through knowledge sharing or organizing focus moments to further optimize other processes within Pardot. In this way we can ensure that ArmenTeKort has extra helping hands at its disposal!

“TCL conducted a thorough analysis of our needs and designed a workable flow in a very short time. As a result, we were able to automate some of our standard communication, which means that our team now has extra time to personally follow up on our buddies.” – Antonio Van Laerhoven, ArmenTeKort

Want to know more about our partnership with ArmenTekort? Make sure you listen to our podcast episode soon and find out what we as a Pardot partner can do for you!


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