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Grow from a mailing tool into a marketing automation tool

Due to Covid-19, we noted that digitization is becoming increasingly important. We need tot digitally engage and support our clients and prospects in all areas. With a mailing tool you can certainly take your first steps in this direction: build a database with opt-ins and send out clear – even some personalized – mails. This is an ideal start for SME’s who want to start rolling out their marketing strategy.

Once these companies are growing, they quickly run into the limits of such a tool. You rapidly run into the limits of automation, limited personalization and segmentation, and most of all, you are only present on the mailing channel. Integration with other insights or channels remains limited. A marketing automation tool is a logical next step.

The difference between a mailing tool and a marketing automation tool

That’s right: AUTOMATION.

With a marketing automation tool you can link the entire customer journey. All insights in terms of profiles, engagement, channel activities are combined. This way your potential leads end up in the right marketing flow.

While a mailing tool is known for sending out bulk emails, mass promotions, general newsletters,… marketing automation ensures that you automatically send your contacts the right content at the right time. How can this tool achieve this?

How does a marketing automation tool work

The automation works through:

  • Website tracking: the tool tracks all activities of
    • Visitors – unknown contacts

You can even install an automatic alert for this so that a department will be notified when your website visitor clicks on the prices of your products, for example. For Pardot, this nice feature is called: “sales alerts”.

  • Measurement of engagement. You can assign a heavier engagement rate to important pages such as the contact page.

Know that mailing tools only track the engagement related to email campaigns, such as open ratios or click-through ratios, marketing automation maps the total “customer journey” including interactions.

  • Converting leads through forms on your website or social media. Through progressive profiling you can gather more and more information from your contacts along the way.

Through this automatically generated information, the tool assigns a score and a grade to your contacts. This gives you a clear view on how engaged a specific contact is and where he is in his customer journey. You can also estimate whether or not this contact belongs to your target group.

With a marketing automation tool, the quality of your database increases enormously. Based on the obtained information, and the actions that contacts take, you can build up flows. This can be done for example through your Engagement Studio in Pardot. These flows automate a journey for specific segments. Based on how these contacts react to your content, they get different triggers.

Data gathering and automation clearly go hand in hand. By automating your flows, you get more interaction with your contact and collect more specific data. By managing more data about a contact, you can better assess which marketing activities are useful and relevant and you can personalize it even more.

Is your organization ready for a marketing automation tool?

  • Are your customers on a long customer journey? Does your purchase process take over 3 days?
  • Are you not convincing them through bulk mails?
  • Do you need segmentation in your target group? Do you want a different approach per target group, or do you have different products that appeal to a different group?
  • You don’t have an overview of which ROI is linked to what?
  • Your online marketing isn’t creating qualitative leads?

Time to make the switch!

We can and will gladly assist you in this process! And this goes further than just the technical implementation. Our functional marketing specialists are also eager to take a closer look at your marketing processes and recommend the right tool and functionalities to you.

We’ve got your back – from A till Z.


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