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Frequently asked questions

How or where can I purchase Salesforce licenses

At www.salesforce.com you can easily start a free trial and buy your Salesforce licenses from there.
We can help you with this as well, so feel free to contact us to help you.


What is the role of a Salesforce implementation partner? Why do I need one?

An implementation partner is going to help you with the Salesforce environment. Through Salesforce you buy your licenses to access your own platform. The implementation partner will help you build this platform according to your specific processes and needs.

A Salesforce partner is an organization that is recognized by Salesforce, knows the product inside out, and helps you implement your new CRM environment. You can always count on your partner for set-ups, in-depth training, support, … in short, everything to ensure a successful implementation and fully optimize the platform in your work processes.


Who do I need to involve in my organization for a Salesforce implementation?

What team should be around the table, depends on the implementation project and the desired goals after go-live. Is this rather focused on Sales Cloud? Or Service Cloud? Or is Marketing Cloud directly integrated with it?  Depending on this, you can involve people from your sales team, your customer care department or the marketing team.

The Customer Link can also help you to define this in order to get the necessary insights at the table.

What is the duration of a Salesforce set-up?

Implementing an effective Salesforce organization is very personal. Do you want a basic CRM tool? Would you like to link a service tool to this? Would you like to integrate with other tools? All these aspects can have an impact on the duration of an implementation.
For a Sales Cloud CRM solution with normal data import and no overly complex integrations, your implementation partner can get you started in 4 to 5 weeks.


What do I need to take into account during an implementation

It is important that you can also make some internal resources available in order to define the data model together with your implementation partner. Also be able to focus on data cleaning, etc.
The implementation process is therefore always in co-creation.

Is there support for your Salesforce environment after implementation?

Your implementation partner will also provide support after your Salesforce is operational or if your team has suggestions for new integrations or optimizations. The Customer Link finds it important that you can continue to call on us with any questions you may have when you are using the platform intensively. Through the support packages of The Customer Link a transparent working method is always used. Our different support options can be found on the website


How can I deal with user adoption/change?

As an implementation partner, The Customer Link makes sure that the Salesforce instance is as good as possible tailored to you as a company. This makes the transformation to Salesforce easier.

As a partner we always provide end-user training and admin training. For us, this is part of the basic package to use your Salesforce environment. In addition, The Customer Link also provides other training or can train other groups of your co-workers in Salesforce. Linked to this, manuals are also provided and you will find numerous training courses on Trailhead.salesforce.com to get your employees up and running quickly.


Can Salesforce integrate my current applications?

It certainly can. Salesforce has numerous plug-ins to link other applications. These include: outlook, Office 365, wordpress, Google Cloud, Microsoft teams, slack, mailchimp, dropbox, ERP systems, webshop, etc.


How do I register for Salesforce as a non-profit?

Salesforce has another platform and way-of-working for non-profits. It’s all about increasing your impact. Via salesforce.org you can find all the information you need and apply for your 10 free licenses and additional discounts. The Customer Link also supports non-profits in this application process.


Is Salesforce also suitable for SME’s?

Salesforce is not only suitable for large companies with complex processes and data models. Many SMEs experience the many benefits of their customized Salesforce environment on a daily basis. You have the one-time setup to take this into account, but afterwards you work with the certainty that you will never have to change your customer success platform again. And this means a huge step forward in digitizing and making every organization, from small or large, more efficient. Do you work in an SME and are you not yet convinced? Then request a free consultation with The Customer Link to answer all your questions.