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Lightning Experience
September 12, 2019
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Marketing Cloud vs Pardot
May 18, 2020

A retrospect on our Customer Growth Day @House of innovation – our new workplace.


The Customer Link is proud to be called a trusted partner. Next to resolving Salesforce challenges, we support our clients with how offering the best customer experience as possible. We enable this by means of expert’s insights, via best practice cases and through news about practical novelties.

Based on our mission to support innovation, we organize a couple events a year. You missed out our last one? No problem! Read this blog and get a review of our customer growth, beyond boundaries day.

“To support our customers with innovation and to enable them to offer the best user experience as possible.”

Everybody should focus on their customer’s experience. Although, that is what we at TCL preach as well as practice. Customer experiences (CX) should be on point starting from marketing through sales to your actual services.


TCL helps its customers to reach innovation

Salesforce has a lot to offer. We aim our customers to see the bigger picture of the functionalities that enhance CX. We want you to think out of the box. Afterall, Salesforce is the enabler but it’s you that has to determine strategy and the way you will pursue business goals.

New insights were provided


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Jasmina Misljencevic
 Transform Customer Experience to Drive Growth”

Jasmina from Salesforce talked about Einstein features and showcased some very exciting projects, where the height of innovation proved to be the driving factor for customer growth. These cases got people inspired in no-time.


The Customer Link

Catrien Janssen
“The Wonderful World of Social CRM”

The Customer Link was proud to offer a captivating introduction to social CRM, where social media is front and center to your customer relationship management. As always, Catrien was happy to offer the latest tips & tricks. This time she talked about how to engage with your customers through social media, in a way that seems natural to them.


I Would like to receive some tips and tricks from Catrien about how to engage with my contacts in a way that seems natural to them.



Ingmar Peeters
“How Artificial Intelligence Can Boost Your CRM”

Artificial Intelligence, it’s the biggest buzzword of the past few years. But how are you collecting all of your big data and using it to your advantage? This session was about how data science can improve your customer experience. Ingmar (finally) lifted the veil on everything AI by giving real-life examples and cases from his career.


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Be Bold

Henrik Becker
“3 reasons why your marketing automation platform isn’t bringing you growth
– and what to do about it.”

Some people jumped on the marketing automation bandwagon to only find themselves blasting emails. Other people have become skeptical about the entire concept of marketing automation.  During this session Henrik explained the three biggest reasons why companies end up using their MA platforms like glorified emailers. We have also learnt what you can do to start getting proper ROI from your investment. This session ended with an engaging and very interesting group-discussion.


The Customer Link

Pieter Sannen
“Putting IoT in Salesforce? Examples & best practices.”

You probably heard a lot of buzzwords like IoT? Pieter has given us some practical insights and examples how internet of things really works and how it fits in your Salesforce platform. Because we love some interactivity with our audience, Pieter gave a real-life demonstration. This demo led to some very funny and amazing moments.


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I Would like to receive the practical insights from Pieter about how internet of things really works and how it fits in your Salesforce platform.



Anneleen Vanhoudt & Koen Everaert
“It’s Time to Speak Up”

Twenty per cent of current Google searches happen through voice. It’s only a matter of time before Belgium will see a radical shift in the customer journey. How do we prepare? What can we do in order to future-proof our current customer journeys? This session was full of practical tips & tricks to make your channels voice ready. Anneleen and Koen topped it off with a very interesting workshop about how voice-search can empower your business plan.


We had a blast and hope to see you soon!

We are very satisfied with the course and outcome of our latest event.  As you all know we are very pleased when we are able to provide insight and relevant information. Habitually we welcomed our guests with a nice breakfast, provided a low-key network moment during lunch where everybody could enjoy refreshments or delicious local beers.


OK, well done! Anything else?

Thanks, and yes: everything else!


We have an excited team that’s ready to climb higher, with ambitious customer journey dreams we are eager to fulfil. So, we’ll be going full steam ahead to become an even better Salesforce partner.

Want to be part of our journey and boost your business at the same time? Get in touch with our The Customer Link team, so we can have a chat and help you on your way to greatness.

Thanks for reading – if you want to stay up to date on our business and what we’ve got planned, follow us on LinkedIn or Instagram. We hope to welcome you to our community.


All the best,
The Customer Link team.


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