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Tosca CRM system after a merger

Defining the best CRM system after a merger for Tosca

Do you know those green plastic baskets filled with fruit in Colruyt or Aldi? Well, that’s where Tosca is involved. Tosca is a global leader in reusable packaging solutions for food supply chains.

Recently, Tosca acquired Polymer Logistics (ISR) and Contraload (BE). This merger made them an even stronger partner, with expanded global reach and a more robust product portfolio. But this merger also resulted in changes regarding their CRM system.

Creating one IT landscape

First of all, it was The Customer Link’s mission to keep Tosca’s CRM system operational. In addition, Tosca EMEA wants to create one IT landscape with Tosca US. Where Tosca US uses Salesforce as their CRM system, Tosca EMEA uses Microsoft Dynamics in combination with Dell Boomi. Their need: a high-level analysis on which tool would serve Tosca best.

The challenges

Our assignment started when the company was still called Contraload (now Tosca) and everything started changing to Tosca’s new way of working. It was a challenge to adapt to the new environment and processes, since we had to take over a position with a lot of responsibility. But that’s what we at The Customer Link like the most: challenges!

Defining the best CRM system after a merger

As explained, The Customer Link’s assignment was to investigate and analyze the potential migration to Salesforce. The analysis included a full scan of the current Dynamic CRM, with the goal of translating all those assets to workable Salesforce actions.

Next to the estimation of the migration, we also had to take change management into account. All internal employees are used to working with a system that works well for them. It would be a big challenge to get all those employees to accept and adapt to another system and teach them how to use it.

The outcome

The decision about the CRM system can now be made based on data and objective argumentation, instead of just gut feeling. This made our assignment a success and left both Tosca and our consultants with a positive vibe!

Do you also want advice on your CRM system due to a merger or other changes in your company? Are you wondering if Salesforce is the right tool for you? We’re happy to advise you!

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