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November 3, 2020
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Connect different stakeholders with Salesforce

Client Case: Stadslab2050

Stadslab 2050: what do they stand for?

Since 2013 Stadslab2050 is the urban laboratory for thinkers and doers in and around Antwerp. By means of new innovations, they want to work on the sustainability of the city, Antwerp, and strive for CO2 neutrality by 2050.

They want to build a diverse network of among others: citizens, organizations, civil servants and experts working together on a sustainable future for Antwerp.

Connecting different target groups generates ideas, which they then transform together into pilot projects. If this project proves successful, it will be transferred to the City of Antwerp so that it can be rolled out on a larger scale.

A promising partnership

Since their launch, Stadslab2050 has collected more than 1000 ideas. Several have started as pilots and a few have already known their successes. Several have started as pilots and a few have already known their successes. But the biggest challenge was managing this large number of entries with a small team. That is why Stadslab looked relatively quickly for a CRM tool that could provide an answer to this challenge. Salesforce turned out to be a perfect match for them and by extension also The Customer Link as Salesforce partner.

“We are a small organization and we thought Salesforce would be too complicated for us – but oh, we were wrong! The Customer Link was a great listener who actually gave us a system that was completely tailored to the way we work.
For us, Salesforce is flexible, easy to use and it gave our company a real boost. What’s more, it’s an affordable option that requires little maintenance and is easy to install. As an added bonus, a lot of integrations are also possible.
Thanks to Salesforce, our team can focus on achieving our main goal: a sustainable city.

Work with an implementation partner who understands your needs

It was important for TCL to get a clear view on Stadslab2050’s needs so a workshop was started to define this. How does Stadslab operate? Where do they want to grow to? What does the team need to be more focused and deliver stronger results? These are some of the important questions you have to ask yourself in such an implementation process.

As a result of this successful implementation, Stadslab2050 now has a complete overview of the people and organizations from their network that have ever submitted an idea or project. Also the links between projects, ideas, people and organizations can now be clearly displayed.

This ensures that each team member now has more insights into the projects and activities.

By centralizing all this information, Stadslab2050 can get in touch with the right people faster, learn more from previous experiences and efficiently convert new ideas into concrete plans and sustainable results.

Stadslab2050, future-proof

As a dedicated Salesforce partner, The Customer Link team ensures that the Salesforce environment functions properly and that new, relevant innovations are addressed. TCL also remains available for additional training and any new integrations that Stadslab2050 needs.

Over the years, your focus and challenges may change. The Customer Link ensures that you can find a suitable solution in your Salesforce environment.

Sounds familiar?


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