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Intern Olivier

Behind the scenes at The Customer Link: intern Olivier Du Four

Olivier Stagiair The customer Link

The past few weeks, intern Olivier Du Four, final year student in Electronics – ICT Cloud Applications, reinforced the TCL team. Olivier is a social butterfly who doesn’t shy away from a challenge. He works on projects as a real team player and is always eager to learn new skills. Characteristics of a true TCL employee! We were curious to know how he experiences his internship at The Customer Link and asked him a few questions.

Why did you choose for an internship at The Customer Link?

I chose The Customer Link as an internship company for two reasons. On the one hand, The Customer Link offered me the opportunity to work with Salesforce. A programme I had no experience with, but one I was keen to get to know the ins-and-outs of. I like to learn a lot and I got that opportunity at this internship. On the other hand, I immediately felt a connection with the representatives of The Customer Link at the first meeting. They convinced me to take on the challenge.

What do your days usually look like at your internship?

My day starts with a check-in with my mentor to discuss the progress of the projects and help with any difficulties on the job. After that, I mainly work on my internship project. When I work at the office, I also spend time getting to know my colleagues during the breaks. That is a nice change, especially after working at home for a long time.

What does your internship entail?

During my internship, I am mainly working on my internship project. I am developing a Salesforce application that gives the user the option of converting a Word document to a PDF copy and saving and/or printing it. Furthermore, the user has the option to customize the Word template by using merge fields. Merge fields are based on a unique key. They can retrieve information from database fields and then fill it in at the assigned place, for example in a Word document.

What do you find most interesting about your internship?

It is of course enriching and educational to learn to work with new programmes and to discover something new every day during development. But it is the social aspect that really appeals to me. At TCL, you are really welcomed as a colleague. As an intern, I really like that. It also means that I sometimes get more responsibilities than at another company, which is an interesting learning experience.

What lessons will you take home from your internship, both personally and professionally?

I learned a lot about the big difference between college and a real workplace. Luckily, I could regularly fall back on the learning paths from Salesforce in Trailhead and the expertise of my colleagues at The Customer Link. The adjustment took a few weeks, but it went smoothly!

Are you also looking for an internship? Then you are at the right place at The Customer Link. Contact us for more information!