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Agile implementation of Salesforce

Client Case: AAL

The European population has changed enormously, people are living longer than ever before. This ageing brings many challenges in terms of quality of life for the elderly. But it also offers a great opportunity: to use the connected technology to create solutions and products that can change people’s lives.

AAL as a non-profit is an established value in Europe

AAL is a funding program to anchor this opportunity by strengthening industrial opportunities in technology and innovation. They do this by funding projects that create market-ready products and services for the elderly. Each project consists of SMEs, research institutions and end-user organizations. Since 2008 they have been able to finance 220 projects.

AAL quickly invested in their own program to keep an overview and monitor their partners, projects and funding. This quickly felt slow and unwieldy. Their needs changed and this program could not grow with them.

Fully customize Salesforce to your needs

In 2019 AAL therefore chose The Customer Link to map and solve their digital needs. Specifically, they had 2 questions for us: building a partner portal and setting up a project management tool for data migration from their old tool to Salesforce.

Partner portal

For AAL it was important that organizations could access an integrated platform on their website where organizations could upload their project ideas and find partners to collaborate with. In addition, organizations without an idea should be able to find projects to collaborate on.

By building an extensive search portal through Salesforce, organizations are now able to search for specific projects that meet both the demand and search criteria of the organization.

Project management tool

AAL wanted to transform their current tool into a customized Salesforce environment that meets all their requirements and needs. The biggest added value of Salesforce as a new platform was that their current business processes can be combined with automation rules and validation rules.

In the first stage, The Customer Link provided a thorough process analysis, an optimization proposal and then TCL did a data migration from the old tool to Salesforce.

Agile approach

It was important for AAL to be able to actively work with Salesforce as soon as the licenses were in place. The Customer Link ensured an agile approach with a quick and small sprint to build on.

Through a number of workshops where the needs were deepened, the implementation process and a number of additional optimizations along the way, TCL provided a future-proof platform where there is less room for mistakes and reports can easily be drawn up. This monitoring component is extremely important for a non-profit organization.

We had the feeling that The Customer Link really understood the needs and the different ways of working of a non-profit organization. They listened to our needs and explained workflows in the new platform. This is a perfect start for the digital transformation of our organization and we look forward to future projects and initiatives..

Did this case inspire you? Or do you have a similar challenge?

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