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Umami Catering

A structured database thanks to Salesforce Sales Cloud


Searching for meals full of healthy & tasty ingredients? Then you’ve come to the right place at Deliva! As part of catering group with Umami Catering & Clean minds, they make meals and mealcomponents for every type of kitchen: healthcare, businesses, daycare centers, etc.

In 2021 the group made the switch to Salesforce. In order to carry their slogan “ahead of it’s time” through to their CRM system, The Customer Link helped set up Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Salesforce Sales Cloud to keep an overview

The group (Deliva, Umami Catering, Clean minds) chose Salesforce Sales Cloud because they needed a structured database that could center their procurement process. Because dozens of official documents are important in this process, The Customer Link built a custom Lightning component. This way these 3 businesses can now easily maintain an overview of the different document types in the different phases of the procurement process.

Where previously their leads, accounts, opportunities and related documents were kept in a standard folder structure, they are now centralized in their Salesforce system. A general overview and clear structure? Check!

Finally, trainings were given to make the transition to Salesforce as smooth as possible. The Customer Link therefore trained the users of Deliva, Umami Catering and Clean mind’s Salesforce environment as end users and trained a select group as Salesforce admins.

The Customer Link as a Salesforce support partner

Even after the implementation, we remain on board with the group as a Salesforce support partner to think alongside them and help their environment grow with the company.

“Through interactive workshops, The Customer Link gathered all the information they needed to make our environment meet our needs. When we saw the end result in the demos it felt like a breath of fresh air for our team.” – Machteld Wouters, Umami Catering

Could you also use a Salesforce Sales Cloud partner? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. We will gladly link you to one of our experts.

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